Aaron Brewer

Aaron Brewer


Feats of Strength

Keeping up with my 4 kids, being able to play with them, being able to throw passes to my sons in the front yard and giving my daughter piggy back rides.  All of that is more important to me than how much I squat or deadlift.


Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

CrossFit L2 Coach

Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

About Coach

As far back as I remember I was involved in athletics. Growing up I played baseball, basketball, football, and ran track. I excelled in track and field as a sprinter and had the opportunity to run track in college at Saginaw Valley State University. Training and competing in a team setting is where I thrive. I bring that same atmosphere to 734 Strength as I know the power of a team.

Turning Point

My turning point was when I tore my ACL at a young age. That experience and all the help I received in my recovery were one of the main forces that pushed me into coaching. I realized that I could have a large impact on people's health, fitness, and wellness.

Motivation & Passion

I without a doubt know that I was put on earth to be a coach. It's my purpose. I love helping people become what they deserve, whether it’s a youth athlete or a Mother of 3. Helping people gives me joy!

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