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  • 734 Skills Clinic-Learn how to snatch

    Snatch Clinic  

    Saturday November 28th


    The 734 Skills Clinic is a new program that 734 Strength & Performance is proud to bring you. These clinics will address certain skills and movements like the Clean and Jerk, Snatch, various gymnastics movements and more!

    This first clinic which will be the first of many, will be focused on the Snatch:
    - Addressing the set up position
    - All three pulls and parts of the Snatch
    - Technique and progressions for moving forward with the lift like.
    - Addressing pieces the individual of the athletes may be missing to get a better understanding and performance of the movement.

    You will have the chance to work with two Level 1 United States Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaches.  Both coaches are also certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

    These Clinics will take place on Saturday afternoons leading up to and through the CrossFit open.

    What to expect: Small group setting with a large amount of one on one coaching. A break down of specific lifts, movements and the progressions needed to advance. Coaches will address more in depth the movements and break downs addressing pieces that you as a athlete can work on to improve.

    This is open to the public as well as members of 734 Strength so reserve your spot now! More information to come!

    The pricing will be:
    $20.00 for members
    $30.00 for non members
    *** These clinics will have a 12 person cap.

    To reserve a spot please email us at info@crossfit734.com

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