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  • Couch to CrossFit 2016


    There is no better way to kick off 2016 than with Couch to CrossFit at 734 Strength & Performance! Yes, it is sort of a cliche - new year, new goals, new you. You are going to start Couch to CrossFit with questions: Can I get in shape? Can I lose weight? Can I get stronger? Can I do CrossFit? Can I stick with a fitness program to improve my life? Do I have time for this?
    Here is the difference: you are going to finish the program with answers! YES you can! At the end of the Couch to CrossFit program, you are going to be motivated and ready to take over the world as a stronger, happier, healthier version of YOU!


    Classes start Saturday February 7th. Classes will be from 8:30am-9:30am. This program includes 4 classes, 2-3 weekly workouts for home. Weekly take home packets with nutritional information as well as weekly check in emails from our staff.

    All for just $39.00

  • 734 Strength Yoga

    Whether it's to increase your mobility, move with greater stability, or to start out your week with a balanced body & mind, 734 Strength Yoga provides something for everyone. Classes are each Sunday at 1:00PM--everyone is welcome!

  • 01.19.16



    5-3-1-1-1 (75-85-90-95-100%)


    5 Rounds

    3 ea arm SA KB Snatch

    2 ea leg lateral box overs

    20 Double Unders

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